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With niece and nephews

On December 10 2014, by Richard Shekari, at Abuja, Nigeria

With niece and nephews. i love them all

reading to give and share

On November 28 2014, by sequeen appiah, at Bronx New York

this is a picture of me enjoying an interesting book named middle school cool, by Maiya Williams. As you can see i am reading for my benefit but i would love to read for other children all ages to get books i enjoy reading and i will always enjoy a nice good book


On November 21 2014, by We Give Books, at Charleston, WV

After reading The Mitten, make and decorate your own mittens

Reindeer crafts

On November 20 2014, by We Give Books, at Detroit, MI

We made reindeer hand puppets and read about animals that live in cold weather.

Sharing reading

On October 3 2014, by We Give Books, at Oakland, CA

Our favorite way to celebrate is to read together!

Balanced Literacy

On December 16 2014, by Mrs. Martin, at Troy, TX

I teach special ed to 4th and 5th graders and we are constantly reading. The way to become a better reader is! My students are not just reading books, they are reading books off of WeGiveBooks. We also use what we read to inspire writing. My students here read snowman books, made their own snowmen, wrote their own story about their snowman, revised and edited their drafts, then published their work on my wall. Also, many of the books on here are AR books, so my students read books off of WeGiveBooks then take AR tests to get points and so that I can track their reading progress.

lovely kids

On December 10 2014, by Richard Shekari, at Abuja, Nigeria

my niece and nephews

Book Publishing Party with Preschoolers

On November 24 2014, by Tricia McCabe, at Mahtomedi, MN

Our 2nd grade literacy read and then wrote imaginative narratives and shared them with the preschoolers in our building.


On November 21 2014, by We Give Books, at New York, NY

Read books about snowmen, then make your own!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Literacy

On November 7 2014, by Annette Schatzman, at El Paso, Texas

We just finished a school-wide Literacy fair - Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Literacy - based on the Wizard of Oz theme. We had preschool through 5th grade participate by creating literacy boards based on their favorite book. We had sweepstakes winners, grade-level winners, honorable mentions, family fun, food, and door prizes!

Reading for Fun

On December 16 2014, by Erin Pifer, at Dayton, KY

This 2nd grader used her computer center time during Media Class to read books online thanks to WeGiveBooks!

Born to read

On December 1 2014, by Evelyn Delgado, at Woodbridge New Jersey

My daughter prefers books to toys. As little as she is in this photo and and even in preschool she goes for the books above all else.

We love to read!

On November 21 2014, by We Give Books, at Milwaukee, WI

What is your favorite book to give this season?

Chill out with a good book

On November 21 2014, by We Give Books, at Austin, TX

How do you decorate your school this season?

Story book Parade

On October 31 2014, by Melinda Wilson, at Tallahassee, FL.

Our school's first Story Book Parade. Students and teachers came dressed as their favorite storybook character.